NICS 1 Results



Brown6.4km 230m
1Daniel EarnshawM18LVO01:16:24
2Ciara LargeyW21FERMO01:30:44
3Daniel VaseyM20LVO01:34:34
4Richard VaseyM50LVO01:36:47
5Lyle FlemingM55LVO01:44:29
6Sophie PruzinaW21LVO01:49:09
7Richard GambleM45LVO01:49:18
8Harry EarnshawM2101:49:52
9Stephanie PruzinaW55LVO01:52:03
10Olivia BaxterW21LVO01:52:11
11Matthew VaseyM20LVO01:52:23
12Christopher McClureM18LVO02:05:57
13Ross WalkerM40NWOC02:09:02
14Brendan DelaneyM55DFO02:15:57
15Des FletcherM55NWOC02:42:39
Billy FyffeM65FERMOm16
Blue 5.2km 200m
1Stephen GilmoreM60LVO01:20:21
2David BlairM65NWOC01:27:29
3Mark PruzinaM55LVO01:33:12
4Colin SmithM55LVO01:37:40
5Denis MurphyM65LVO01:37:45
6Kenny WeirM60LVO01:40:27
7Meadow McCauleyW18LVO01:40:40
8Greg McCannM55LVO01:43:01
9Philip BaxterM65LVO01:44:17
10Heather CairnsW55LVO01:56:39
11Joe McClureM50LVO01:58:20
12Anthony McGonigleM65NWOC02:08:04
Dan MurphyM16LVOm5-15
Green 4.1km 160m
1Siobhan DelaneyW21CNOC01:06:41
2Richard WilliamsonM70LVO01:26:37
3Carol BlackW50LVO01:32:18
4Helen BaxterW65LVO01:36:37
5Peter GambleM16LVO01:38:56
6Tommy BurkeM65FIN01:41:42
7Charlie ReidM60NWOC01:41:46
8Nigel Foley-FisherM70LVO01:45:46
9Richard McCourtM75LVO01:48:56
10Lesley GrattanW45LVO01:52:28
11Barbara Foley-FisherW70LVO01:54:24
12Harry BellM70LVO01:59:21
13Henry MontgomeryM55LVO02:10:59
14Sarah GambleW45LVO02:20:46
15Cara LaveryW40LVO02:41:43
Short Green 2.4km 130m
1Ellen SmithW20LVO00:58:23
2Alan GartsideM75LVO01:20:49
3Francis O’ReilllyM55FERMO01:23:50
Anne BellW65LVOm6
Light Green 2.0km 110m
1Peter HoweM60NWOC00:47:48
2Marlene StephensW60LVO00:49:08
Orange 2.0km 70m
1Daniel SheridanM21FERMO00:37:07
2Gabrielle KingW55FIN00:41:05
3Rachel ReidW60NWOC00:46:00
4Jenny OrrW70LVO01:23:07
Chloe GrattanW14LVOm4


Venue Crossmurrin
Date Sat, 12 June 21
Starts 11:30 to 13:30

Event Description

Fermanagh Orienteers welcome you to Northern Ireland Colour Series 1. Assemble and park at Marble Arch Caves. This is a difficult area (see Course Safety below) so we will not be offering White or Yellow courses. Parents may shadow younger children around the Orange course.

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The FOOT Series

Fermanagh Omagh Orienteering Trails

Seven months of adventurous orienteering challenges across Fermanagh Omagh supported by Fermanagh Omagh DC.

What is The FOOT Series? The FOOT Series is a FREE exciting adventure programme in your council area. This is DIY Orienteering – all you need is your phone, an orienteering map, and a sense of adventure! There will be a new challenge and a new place to explore every month from April to October.

Who is it for? This challenge is suitable for all levels – families, runners, dog walkers, youth groups – you name it! This is the perfect socially distanced activity with no touch points and plenty of fresh air.

How do I get started?  Simply register here

Once registered, at the start of each month you will receive an email with instructions and a printable map.

When and Where? The location for each month is listed below.

You can complete each challenge anytime in the month that suits you – your time, your pace, your adventure!

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If you have any questions or would like to sign up as an organisation, please email Juls Hanvey