Improvers 2

Fun coaching for new orienteers!

Sunday 27th May 2018  2pm

We will meet at the Old Castle End (follow the road through Lisnarick towards Kesh. Look out for the orienteering sign – it’s a sharp turn into the forest so take care!

Member fees – Children £3  Adults £5

Everyone welcome so if you’re not a member yet you can join on the day. Alternatively you can join online – click here.

Improvers 3 is on Sunday 10th June (probably Florencecourt but check closer to the time)



NI Sprint & Middle Results

NI Sprint Results




M Open

2.78km 45m

Pos Name Club Class Time
1st Mark Stephens LVO M Open 16:53
2nd Josh O’Sullivan-Hourihan BOC M Open 20:57
3rd Daniel Vasey LVO M Open 27:17
4th Mathew Vasey LVO M Open 28:07
5th Ross Walker NWOC M Open 35:57

W Open

2.39km 40m

Pos Name Club Class Time
1st Stephanie Pruzina LVO W Open 18:06
2nd Olivia Baxter LVO W Open 18:23
3rd Helen Pruzina LVO W Open 19:24
4th Eibhlin Largey FERMO W Open 20:49
5th Susan Lambe LVO W Open 22:51


1.01km 15m

Pos Name Club Class Time


1.95km 30m

Pos Name Club Class Time
1st Odhran Mc goldrick FERMO M16- 14:37
2nd Garbhan McGoldrick FERMO M16- 19:15


2.39km 40m

Pos Name Club Class Time
1st Simon Reeve FERMO M40+ 15:12
2nd Graeme Francis LVO M40+ 18:49
3rd Bobby Smyth NWOC M40+ 19:27
4th Colin Smith LVO M40+ 22:33


1.94km 35m

Pos Name Club Class Time
1st Michael Burton LVO M55+ 13:15
2nd Paul Smyth AJAX M55+ 16:06
3rd Stephen Gilmore LVO M55+ 19:09
4th Andy Lewsley BL M55+ 19:17
5th Geoffrey Collins LVO M55+ 19:25
6th Des Fletcher NWOC M55+ 21:40
7th Gordon Stephens LVO M55+ 21:46
8th Dave Richardson FIN M55+ 22:56
9th Fred Corscadden NWOC M55+ 23:23
10th Francis O’Reillly FERMO M55+ 28:28
11th Billy Fyffe FERMO M55+ 30:36


1.73km 35m

Pos Name Club Class Time
1st David Blair NWOC M65+ 14:23
2nd Philip Baxter LVO M65+ 17:54
3rd Harry Bell LVO M65+ 19:57
4th Richard McCourt LVO M65+ 20:17
5th Richard Williamson LVO M65+ 20:36
6th Nigel JC Foley-Fisher LVO M65+ 20:55
7th Jim Fallis FERMO M65+ 25:44
8th Alan Gartside LVO M65+ 30:21


1.01km 15m

Pos Name Club Class Time


1.95km 30m

Pos Name Club Class Time
1st Aoife McGoldrick FERMO W16- 25:30


1.94km 35m

Pos Name Club Class Time
1st Eileen Young FINGAL W40+ 17:28
2nd Heather Cairns LVO W40+ 22:19
3rd Aileen McCarron LVO W40+ 29:43


1.73km 35m

Pos Name Club Class Time
1st Ann Savage LVO W55+ 17:10
2nd Stella Lewsley BL W55+ 17:59
3rd Helen Baxter LVO W55+ 21:18
4th Ruth Blair NWOC W55+ 22:23
5th Anyta Richardson FIN W55+ 48:41


1.73km 35m

Pos Name Club Class Time
1st Anne Bell LVO W65+ 21:22
2nd Barbara Foley-Fisher LVO W65+ 24:54

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NI Sprint and Middle Distance Championships

NI Sprint and Middle Championships  2018

Fermanagh Orienteers invite you to the Fintona/Seskinore area on Saturday 12th May 2018 for the Sprint and Middle Distance Championships. The NI AGM will be held in the Ecclesville Equestrian Centre after the Sprint.

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NI Colour Series 2

Northern Ireland Colour Series 2 Spring Grove Forest

Fermanagh Orienteers invite you to this event NICS 2 at Spring Grove Forest, Roslea Co. Fermanagh on Saturday 21st April 2018.

Car parking and Registration is on the Monaghan Rd. at the edge of the village GR542325).
Registration will be open from 11.00. There will be a 10 minute walk along the main road to the forest and the Start and Finish areas (use the footpath)

Starts: 11:30 – 13.30


Courses Close: 15:30

Entry Fees

  • Juniors £5 (NIOA members £4)
  • OAP/Unwaged £8 (NIOA members £6)
  • Seniors £10 (NIOA members £8)
  • Family £25 (NIOA members £20)

Map: A4 – Scale1:10000

All 8 colours will be available (Note: Short Green replaces Long Orange)

White               1.7km  30m

Yellow              2.3km  40m

Orange             3.3km  90m

Lt Green          3.9km  120m

Sh Green          3.3km  100m

Green               4.5km   125m

Blue                  5.7km   135m

Brown              7.8km  225m

Course/terrain notes
This is a mainly coniferous forest with areas of deciduous trees. Courses will use much of the good runnability forest. There has been extensive recent thinning and consequently unmapped extraction lines. There is an extensive network of forest roads. There are areas of prickly undergrowth so gaiters are advised. Blue and Brown courses cross a minor road; care should be taken when doing so.

Junior Fundraiser Refreshment Stall: Not available

Toilets: There are toilets at the carpark.

Dogs: Dogs are allowed.


Planner: Robbie Bryson

Controller: Raymond Finlay




NICS 2 will be held in Spring Grove Forest on Saturday 21st April 2018.

Full details will be posted closer to the date.