Frostbite Sprint Series 2020

This year we offer a ‘Frostbite’ with a difference. Instead of the tough complex terrain of the past we offer 3 short and fast Sprint type activities. The first session will be a ‘double’ header beginning at Gortatole OLC at 11.00 on Sunday 19th January with the second activity following on at Florence Court around 13.00. The third sprint will be at SHARE Centre, Lisnaskea on Sunday 2nd February, again 11.00.

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NICS 5 Results

Brown 7.1km 235m

PosNameClubAge ClassTimeBehind
1stConor ShortCNOCM2154:52 
2ndRichard VaseyLVOM2177:44+22:52
3rdValdas Tilunas3ROCM4079:03+24:11
4thKathryn BarrUCDOW2079:26+24:34
5thMichael BurtonLVOM5581:45+26:53
6thMathew VaseyLVOM18100:17+45:25
7thDaniel VaseyLVOM18104:40+49:48
Brown standard time 104:40
8thDamian Gribbin M50105:56+51:04
9thPaul SmythAJAXM55108:50+53:58
10thOlivia BaxterLVOW21109:35+54:43
11thBilly FyffeFERMOM60145:51+90:59
12thDes FletcherNWOCM55161:03+106:11
 Keith JohnstonLVOM21m5-16 

Blue 5.725km 180m

PosNameClubAge ClassTimeBehind
1stPhilip McGoldrickFERMOM4572:18 
2ndBrian RoweGENM5074:43+2:25
3rdGordon FallisFERMOM4575:37+3:19
4thDaniel EarnshawLVOM1676:50+4:32
5thDavid BlairNWOCM6589:17+16:59
6thEoin BrowneGENM45106:03+33:45
7thRoss WalkerNWOCM35118:01+45:43
Blue standard time 118:01
8thRichard GambleLVOM45128:53+56:35
9thJoan FlanaganFERMOW55154:46+82:28
10thGer PowerN/AW65157:25+85:07
11thMartina RoweGENW45161:25+89:07
12thStephen GilmoreLVOM55165:55+93:37
 Eibhlin LargeyFERMOW21m10-14 
 Geoffrey CollinsLVOM55m12-14 

Green 4.425km 160m

PosNameClubAge ClassTimeBehind
1stWilbert HollingerLVOM7059:06 
2ndEmily RoweGENW1460:41+1:35
3rdOscar RoweGENM1466:55+7:49
4thCharlie ReidNWOCM5578:15+19:09
5thBobby SmythNWOCM4583:35+24:29
6thPhilip BaxterLVOM6584:37+25:31
7thMark EarnshawLVOM5585:50+26:44
8thHelen BaxterLVOW6092:12+33:06
Green standard time 92:12
9thRichard WilliamsonLVOM6595:24+36:18
10thDennis MurphyLVOM60103:42+44:36
11thAileen McCarronLVOW50112:30+53:24
12thJulie MurphyLVOW55115:15+56:09
13thDeirdre CoyleGENW45117:52+58:46
14thBill SimpsonLVOM65133:19+74:13
 Dan MurphyLVOM14m3 m5 
 Alison CollinsLVOW55rtd 

Short Green 2.375km 60m

PosNameClubAge ClassTimeBehind
1stGarbhan McGoldrickFERMOM1454:56 
2ndRichard McCourtLVOM7564:13+9:17
3rdAnne BellLVOW6572:58+18:02
4thHarry BellLVOM7073:39+18:43
5thAlan GartsideLVOM7574:55+19:59
Short Green standard time 82:24
6thInga Lisauskiene3ROCW4088:21+33:25

Light Green 3.35km 90m

PosNameClubAge ClassTimeBehind
1stGerry BrowneGENM1277:26 
2ndPeter GambleLVOM1491:41+14:15
Light Green standard time 116:09

Orange 2.725km 110m

PosNameClubAge ClassTimeBehind
1stFionnuala RoweGENW1043:06 
2ndNiamh BrowneGENW1056:56+13:50
Orange standard time 64:39
3rdRachel ReidNWOCW55100:40+57:34

Yellow 1.875km 50m

PosNameClubAge ClassTimeBehind
1stTom FallisFERMOM1219:19 
Yellow standard time 28:5


NICS 5            Saturday 26th October 2019

Venue: CROSSMURRIN, Co. Fermanagh 

NIOS Sheet 26 – Grid Ref H121344   (54.257903, -7.813720)

Directions Follow tourist signs for Marble Arch Caves. Parking/Registration will be at the Marble Arch Caves Global Geo-park carpark

Toilets and Café available.  (NO studs in the building please)

Landowners insist that Dogs are NOT allowed on the terrain due to presence of sheep and cattle. Please keep them on leads in carpark.

Registration from 11.00

Starts: 11:30 – 13.00

Courses close at 3.30pm

Entry fees

  • Junior £5 (NIOA members £4)
  • Senior £10 (NIOA members £8)
  • OAP/Unwaged £8 (NIOA members £6)
  • Family £25 (NIOA members £20)

Start 15mins from parking

Finish adjacent to carpark

Map: A4 – Scale1:10000

Terrain notes:  This is challenging and technical terrain of mainly open limestone grassland with bare limestone pavement and extensive areas of low visibility scrub hazel (which has spread significantly since first mapped). There are many contour features and limited tracks. There are both sheep and cattle all across the area. The Yellow course will have taped sections. In this exposed and difficult terrain parents may wish to shadow younger juniors after their own run. (NB This will make the junior non-competitive.) ‘Yellow’ maps will be available at registration.

FENCES. There are a large number of fences to be crossed on all courses and most have mapped crossing points to facilitate this. They will be indicated with tapes. One new fence has been over-printed with a purple line. This must only be crossed at a marked crossing point. 

WHISTLES are compulsory and a NO CAG/NO GO rule may be enforced so come prepared.

We apologise – there will be No White course due to the difficulty of the terrain.

All colours from Yellow – Brown will be on offer.

Course details:

Brown 7.1 Km 235m
Blue 5.7 Km 180m
Green 4.4 Km 160m
Short Green 2,4 Km 60m
Light Green 3.4 Km 90m
Orange 2.7 Km 110m
Yellow 1.9 Km 50m

Please note the map has been re-aligned (‘tilted’ slightly) to compensate for recent changes in magnetic declination.

Planner: Robbie Bryson

Controller: Raymond Finlay

Organiser: Teresa Finlay