Winning ways

4628015914_175x261Excellent results for FermO members at the Irish Championships weekend in Waterford.
A small contingent of experienced members of the club travelled on the bank holiday weekend to Waterford to compete in a variety of classes in the Sprint, Middle Distance, Long Distance and Relay Irish Championships. The club members attending were Eibhlin, Ciara and Paddy Largey; Robbie Bryson, Billy Fyffe, Enda Hume, Teresa and Raymond Finlay.

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Ciara Largey -Profile of an Elite Orienteer

How did you start?
Ciara01I started orienteering age 15 (aah! 10 years ago!) when my best friend saw a poster in the school corridor. It was advertising a coaching course based at the Omagh leisure centre and run by Fermo club members. I don’t think I knew what orienteering was but I was willing to try it out. We went along each week, learning about the maps and simple navigation. There were several active families in the club who brought us to local events at weekends and occasionally the club hired a coach to travel further afield.
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