Frostbite 2 Results



Green  3.8km 160m
1 Aine McCann W21 LVO 00:39:22
2 Michael Burton M55 LVO 00:39:41
3 Gordon Fallis M40 00:40:44
4 Greg McCann M50 LVO 00:51:03
5 Philip McGoldrick M40 FERMO 00:51:04
6 Raymond Finlay M65 FERMO 00:52:26
7 Joan Flanagan W55 FERMO 01:05:09
8 Billy Fyffe M60 FERMO 01:06:43
9 Alex Boyd M50 FERMO 01:12:52
10 Ailleen McCarron W50 LVO 01:18:01
Lt Green  2.9km 130m
1 Odhran McGoldrick M16 FERMO 00:43:20
2 Teresa Finlay W65 FERMO 00:48:42
3 Paddy Largey M60 FERMO 00:55:57
4 Jim Fallis M65 FERMO 00:57:50
5 Jedrek Iwanicki M50 FERMO 01:12:04
6 Carroll O’Dolan M50 01:14:40
Audrey Eliott W21 SLIGO 01:29:15 m4-6
Deirdre Monaghan W21 SLIGO 01:30:18 m4-6

Frostbite 2

Callow Hill   Sunday 15th January 2017

Green 3.8km 160m

LtGreen 2.9km 130m

In Derrygonnelly turn left towards St Patrick’s RC Church. At church, turn right onto minor road immediately after large carpark. Follow for 3km. Restricted parking on very narrow road (please don’t block entrances)

GR 086 526

Steep, hilly very fast heavily contoured limestone with rock features. Mostly open grassland with scrub woodland areas. Take care crossing old, dilapidated fences and report any damage.

Frostbite Series

Frostbite Series 2017 “…only the brave…!

This is now a classic FERMO annual 3 event series with prizes for the best male and female on each course based on mins/km; best two results to count. The terrain chosen is complex with few if any paths and courses are planned for the upper end of the technical standard. Continue reading