Frostbite 3

Navar North   Sunday 5th February 2017 


From Enniskillen take the A46 road to Belleek following it alongside the South shore of Lower Lough Erne. Approx. 23 km from Enniskillen (and 12 km from Belleek) take a sharp turn S onto a small access road to a bungalow (signed). 50m further a forest road meets it sharply from the left. Grid ref. H060584

Follow the forest road through the gate for approx. 1 Km to a turning point; please park considerately.

Entry £5 for all age classes and courses

Terrain notes – it is a difficult and physically demanding area!

This is an excellent little forest on a steep North facing escarpment. It is a mature forest of complex blocks of both coniferous and deciduous plantations. The coniferous blocks, though dark, are very runnable whilst the deciduous blocks give difficult underfoot conditions and slopes can be very slippery. There is interesting contour detail of spurs, re-entrants, knolls and some depressions particularly along the top (S) edge. It also has some rock and boulder features. Line features are mainly limited to small streams and ditches. There is only one rather straight track (forest road) which gains some height across the bottom of the slope. A large centrally situated field may provide helpful relocation opportunities! There has been recent clear felling on the West end of the forest and North side of the forest road.

Courses – None of these are suitable for beginners or young juniors!

Green 3.9km (T/D5)  Light Green 2.9km (T/D4)

Registration and Starts

Registration is between 9.00 – 9.30 am and Starts between 9.15 and 10.00 am.

Courses close 11.30 am