Frostbite 23 – 3 Florencecourt West end

Sunday 15 January 2023

Don’t let the shortness of the courses fool you! It is a ‘barebones’ type of event where participants are expected to be experienced orienteers and who come with all necessary clothing (for very cold/wet winter conditions) and equipment including a plastic bag (A4) for map cover (plain paper and printed on ink-jet). Please ring 028 66348937 or email at least 24 hrs in advance to book a map.

Activity charge £5 for all participants. 

Registration between 9.15 – 9.45. Starts between 9.30 and 10.00am Courses will close at 11.30. (so that everyone can have Sunday Lunch!)

Terrain notes: Courses negotiate well featured open limestone grassland hillside descending into mature conifer interspersed with winter levels of undergrowth and occasionally negotiable clear-felled areas. On the ground decisions may pay dividends, or not!

Assembly: located on Marlbank Road (on a bend 400m beyond the left turn mentioned below)

10 miles from Enniskillen following directions for Sligo then Marble Arch Caves. Through Florencecourt village and then 3 miles west. Sign then indicates to turn left to Marble Arch Caves.

Parking is limited to roadside and care is needed to ensure safe parking and vehicle access to the field gate.

Courses – None of these are suitable for beginners or young juniors! Please choose carefully as terrain is demanding.

Long 4K 145m

Short 2.8K 120m

Very Short 2K 90m.

Starts are a 10-minute uphill walk following tapes from parking.

Finish 5 min walk back to parking.

Planner Damian Gribbin