NI Score and Night Championships 2023 – Final details


As you arrive at Todd’s Leap the normal Centre car parking area on the left is likely to be full. (70+ clients morning and afternoon!). Orienteers will be sign posted to a sharp turn right up a narrow steep tarmac road to park on hardstanding areas outside several Centre activity buildings. No toilets available here – you need to walk back down to the Centre for toilets.

From Parking the route to Start of the Score is in a northerly direction and will be signed and taped along a track and then a small path through thick conifers (approx. 400m)

Later, after the Score, The Centre carpark below may have emptied sufficiently to park down there for prizegiving and the Night Champs.


These are winter events in typically rugged terrain in a remote setting. All competitors will be expected to have available to them suitable clothing, footwear, a WHISTLE and a wind/waterproof CAG. These will be made compulsory if the weather is judged to be adverse.

In addition, on the Night event it will be essential to have a bright head torch and competitors are also advised to carry a spare light. (To get you back in case of an outage to your main light!)

Score event – Dunmoyle Forest Map scale 1:10000

Mass start at 2.00pm. Please arrive at Start at least 10 minutes early. Time limit 50 mins. 33 controls. ALL controls are worth 20pts (max.660) with 10pt penalty for every minute or part minute after 50 mins. Please check if you have an old SI card (type 5 or 8). It may not hold enough control visits. You may borrow a suitable one if you contact Teresa before Saturday.

Courses close with flags being lifted from 3.30pm.

Night event – Todd’s Leap Activity Centre Map scale 1:4000 (Not a Sprint map)

We would intend to start as soon as it is dark hopefully no later than 6.15pm. Courses will close at 8.00pm.

Further terrain and map notes

Some of the streams in both of these areas are ravine-like with very steep sometimes craggy sides. They should never be followed up or down and only crossed where they flatten out.

The Night’s 4000 scale map has non-standard symbols for tracks; thinner to provide clarity.

There are two large hard-standing areas common to both maps which the Centre uses to stash old or obsolete items around the edge. These are indicated by the use of a wide purple line symbol which should not be crossed. On these areas there is also UNMAPPED stacked or parked mobile activity equipment and vehicles which will need to be negotiated as seen!

There is an Out-of-bounds area common to both maps marked with purple crossed lines (the paintball area!) It is not planned to be in use on Saturday but please avoid entering it.


Toilets are available at the main Centre Building through the Reception door turn left.

Consuming your own food is not permitted inside the Centre building or the covered outside Beer Garden. The Centre offers a Pub Grub menu.

The NI Prizegiving will be upstairs in the main Centre building in their conference room. Going through the Reception door the stairs are on the left. We would intend this to start at approx. 4.00pm

Dogs are not permitted on site, even on leads.


Please remember you enter Orienteering events at your own risk. You have an obligation and a responsibility to:

  • arrive fit and well and with appropriate clothing and equipment;
  • ‘find your way’ safely;
  • report to the organisers at download when you have finished or even if you retire from the event.