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Castle Archdale Country Park           Saturday 21st October 2017

Last minute information

Parking at Marina Carpark; NO toilets here. Nearest toilets at the Castle Courtyard (about 400m) – follow blue and white tapes from Marina.

No refreshments available in the Park and no Junior stall so bring your own food and drink.

Red and White tapes to Start and Finish (each about 5 minutes walk from Registration)

Map/Course Corrections (after maps had been printed)

The forest around 2 controls has suffered from wind blow and poor mapping. Green, Blue and Brown are affected.

Maps and Control descriptions have been amended. Please check these before leaving the Start.

Green – control 3 has been repositioned and control 9 has been eliminated. Length now 3.7km.

Blue – controls 3 and 15 have been eliminated. Length unchanged – 5.7km.

Brown – controls 13 and 23 have been eliminated. Length now 7km.


Forecast predicts wet and possibly stormy conditions. You are strongly advised to carry a whistle and bring a waterproof.


NICS 5 Saturday 21st October 2017

Venue: Castle Archdale Country Park


From Enniskillen follow the A32 towards Omagh then branch off left on the B82 towards airport and Kesh. Castle Archdale Country Park is approximately 7 miles from this junction. Follow signs for the marina.

GR H 173588

The assembly and car parking will be at the marina.

Start and Finish are each approximately 200m from the marina.

Registration: from 11:00am

Starts: 11:30 – 13.00

Courses Close: 15:00

Entry Fees

  • Juniors £5 (NIOA members £4)
  • OAP/Unwaged £8 (NIOA members £6)
  • Seniors £10 (NIOA members £8)
  • Family £25 (NIOA members £20)

Map: A3 – Scale1:10000

Courses (approx. lengths)

White               1.6km

Yellow             2.0km

Orange            3.0km

Lg Orange       3.4km

Lt Green          3.8km

Green              4.5km

Blue                 5.8km

Brown              7.3km

Course/terrain notes

This forest has been used for Orienteering since 1980 and was last fully surveyed and mapped in 2004. The map has been ‘tweaked’ frequently since as many changes have occurred through environmental and facility developments, growth in many blocks of maturing forest (and bramble!), thinning and clear felling and the disappearance of remnants of military occupation during WW2 and early 1950s. After this event two-thirds of the area will be quarantined with the intention of being remapped for use at major events coming to Fermanagh in the next few years. The area has many roads, tracks and paths; it is hilly though not steep. The forest blocks are a mixture of deciduous and conifer, many of them mature; though runnability can be hampered in places by bramble. Courses have been planned to avoid the worst of this. Recent on-going forestry work has left many extraction racks (unmapped).

An area of the map will be marked Out-of-Bounds due to present forestry operations and a recent major environmental enhancement scheme.

Junior Fundraiser Refreshment Stall: Uncertain at this stage.

Toilets: There are toilets at the marina.

Dogs: Dogs are allowed.


Planner: Teresa Finlay

Controller: Raymond Finlay

NI Open Event and SHI

Final Information

Start times

Course no. Map Scale Age Classes Length Climb
1 1:15000 M21E 13.3 km 370 m
2 1:15000 W21E, M35 8.4 km 240 m
3 1:15000 M20E, M21L, M40 7.4 km 210 m
4A 1:15000 W20E 6.1 km 160 m
4B 1:10000 M18, M20, M45, M50 6.1 km 160 m
5 1:10000 W21L, W35, M16, M55 5.7 km 140 m
6 1:10000 W20, M21S, M60 4.7 km 180 m
7 1:10000 W18, W40, W45, M65 4.2 km 110 m
8 1:10000 W16, W21S, W50, W55, W60 3.7 km 95 m

*Short Green

1:10000 W65, W70+M70, M75+ 2.6 km 40 m

*Light Green

1:10000 W14, M14 3.1 km 80 m


1:10000 W12, M12 2.4 km 50 m


1:10000 W10, M10 1.7 km 10 m

*Entry-on-the-day courses

Additional Safety/Map/Terrain/ Competition Notes

  1. There are large piles of logs adjacent to parking and assembly. Please keep clear, in particular, children.
  2. The potholes and rocky pits marked on the map can be very deep so take care to avoid. One pit is difficult to recognise and is marked by canes with yellow & black tape.
  3. Small entrance holes to potholes are mapped as black circles with an internal tick. There is one black circle without a tick. It is a small limekiln and is used as a control site.
  4. Sheep and Cattle are present. Competitors are requested, wherever possible, to avoid running close and startling cattle; particularly cows with calves. Definitely no dogs in the competition area.
  5. Some previously mapped dense areas of bracken have expanded and other smaller areas have emerged. These have not been mapped.
  6. Use Marked Crossing Points as indicated on the Control Descriptions; leave gates as found.
  7. Portaloos will be available close to Assembly.

Please remember:

Bring a whistle and a cag. A no-whistle-no-go rule will be applied (to locate any casualties in this complex terrain) and a cag will be required if weather conditions are poor on this exposed upland.

It is a 20 minute steep uphill walk to the Start from Assembly. (It is sheltered but it is a restricted site for any running warm-up. There will be no clothing transfer). The Finish is approx. 150 m beyond Assembly.  Single line parking on the forest road may leave later arrivals up to 500 m from Assembly so ensure you arrive in good time to make your start time.

No exit before 12.30 pm. However please take extra care since early departures are still likely to meet arriving traffic on the shared section of the narrow forest road.

There will be no water stations in the competition or start area.

Prize-giving for the NIOC will be at Assembly at 3.30pm (hopefully earlier!).