Frostbite Series

Frostbite Series 2017 “…only the brave…!

This is now a classic FERMO annual 3 event series with prizes for the best male and female on each course based on mins/km; best two results to count. The terrain chosen is complex with few if any paths and courses are planned for the upper end of the technical standard. Continue reading “Frostbite Series”


Autumn Coaching

Coaching for beginners at Castle Archdale Country Park

  1. Sunday        November  6th
  2. Saturday     November  19th
  3. Sunday        December  4th

All starting at 1.30pm       £2 each

All activities suitable for complete beginners and more experienced orienteers – so come along and give it a try!

If you intend to come please let us know    Tel: 02866348937