Local events and Activities

  • Sunday February 3rd CATO 1  Castle Saunderson Scout Centre
  • Sunday February 10th CATO 2  Ecclesville Equestrian Centre, Fintona
  • Sunday February 17th CATO 3 Seskinore, Fintona

Everyone is welcome to these activities. They all start at 2pm.

Cost: Members £2 (£5 per family)   Non-members £3 (£7 per family)

2019 – Events and Activities

Autumn Activity 2

Sunday 21st October

Forthill Park, Enniskillen

Start – 2pm

Parking at New Street Car Park (between bypass and Belmore St) or on Irvinestown Rd. Parking on Forthill Rd is reserved for residents.

NICS 5 Gortin Glen Forest Park

Saturday 6th October 2018

Fermanagh Orienteers welcome travelling orienteers to Gortin Glen Forest Park near Omagh, Co. Tyrone. This is a large forest park only part of which is mapped. The map scale used will be 1:7500. It is a beautiful and mature coniferous forest set on the foothills of the Sperrin Mountains. It has excellent parking facilities, picnic sites and adjacent toilets.

Directions  Gortin Glen Forest Park is located about 10km outside Omagh on the B48.

GR 487823 Sheet 13 OSNI 1:50000 series.

Normal NI Forest Service car parking charges apply. 

Junior Kitchen

The junior kitchen will be selling hot drinks and snacks – please support their fundraising efforts.


Registration will be in the classroom at the NE end of the public forest car park and will operate from 11:00am

Toilets are close to Registration and Parking.

Dogs should be kept on a lead.

Starts 11.30 – 13.00

Courses Close at 3pm.



350m uphill on paths


Adjacent to parking


Entry Fees:

  • Juniors £5 (NIOA members £4)
  • OAP/ Unwaged £8.00 (NIOA members £6)
  • Seniors £10.00  (NIOA members £8)
  • Family £25  (NIOA members £20)


Course Details:

Brown 5.4km 280m
Blue 4.3km 180m
Green 3.5km 140m
Short Green 2.6km 110m
Light Green 3.4km 160m
Orange 2.5km 95m
Yellow 1.5km 60m
White 0.7km 15m


1:7500; 5m contour interval; mapped 2014, updated summer 2018. Courses printed on A4 waterproof paper.

Please Note:

Courses from Green upwards are ‘Middle Distance’ lengths (E.W.T. 35-40 mins.). Competitors should run their normal ‘colour’ courses for inclusion in the calculations for the NI Colour Series results. (You will not feel short changed!!)

Terrain Notes

Fermanagh Orienteers welcome travelling orienteers to Gortin Forest Park near Omagh Co. Tyrone. This is a large forest park only part of which is mapped. The map scale used will be 1:7500. It is a beautiful and mature coniferous forest set on the foothills of the Sperrin Mountains. It has excellent parking facilities, picnic sites and adjacent toilets. The normal full range of colour courses will be available; Brown, Blue, Green, Short Green, Light Green, Orange, Yellow and White. There is an intricate selection of paths and forest roads ideal for the less experienced competitor and families. . The more experienced orienteers will be challenged by the hilly but runnable terrain. There is an area of tough running peat moorland; only visited by the longer courses. Unmapped features include indistinct mountain bike routes, recent sporadic windblow and recent forest operations which have left some extraction tracks, debris and obliterated drainage ditches. Courses avoid the worst of this.

A ‘String’ course will be provided for the little ones if any interested families contact our club in advance.

Hazards  Although many paths are gravelled, mountain bike tracks can be muddy and very slippery in this steep terrain. Also across the forest there are fallen branches and logs – studded shoes are advised. On the moorland beware of vertical, deep ditches hidden under the heather. You are advised to carry a whistle.

Planner Raymond Finlay

Controller Billy Reed

Organiser Teresa Finlay

Autumn activities

Here are dates for Autumn activities:-
  • Sunday 16th September    2pm  Lakeland Forum, Enniskillen
  • Sunday 21st October          2pm  Forthill Park, Enniskillen
  • Sunday 25th November     2pm  Bawnacre Leisure Centre, Irvinestown
All subject to obtaining permission for use of sites.
And don’t forget NI Colour Series 5 in Gortin Forest Park near Omagh – courses for all abilities.

NICS 5 – Gortin Forest

Saturday 6th October

Details available soon.

NICS 6 – Tyrella

Saturday 10th November


Improvers 2 – Fun coaching for new orienteers!

Sunday 27th May 2018  2pm

We will meet at the Old Castle End (follow the road through Lisnarick towards Kesh. Look out for the orienteering sign – it’s a sharp turn into the forest so take care!

Member fees – Children £3  Adults £5

Everyone welcome so if you’re not a member yet you can join on the day. Alternatively you can join online – click here.

NI Sprint and Middle Championships  2018

Fermanagh Orienteers invite you to the Fintona/Seskinore area on Saturday 12th May 2018 for the Sprint and Middle Distance Championships. The NI AGM will be held in the Ecclesville Equestrian Centre after the Sprint.

Sprint Championships Ecclesville Equestrian Centre, Fintona, Co Tyrone

Directions From Belfast/Dublin follow A5 from Ballygawley towards Omagh. Approx 10 miles from Ballygawley take the B46 through Seskinore and on to Fintona (6 miles). The Ecclesville Centre is at the junction of the B46/B80 as you arrive in the village. From Omagh follow the A5 towards Ballygawley and turn right after approx. 2.5 miles onto the B122 signposted Fintona. From Enniskillen take the B80 through Tempo to Fintona. Follow the bypass to the junction of the B80 and the B46.

Registration will be open from 10.30am. It would be very helpful if you could send an email indicating your intention to attend either or both events and the class you hope to run. (

Starts available from 11.00 – 12.00. Courses close 12.45.


Sprint or Middle only Member Non-member
Senior £8 £10
Junior £4 £5
Unwaged £6 £8
Family £20 £25
Both Sprint and Middle £12 £14
Senior £12 £14
Junior £6 £7
Unwaged £9 £11
Family £30 £35


Course/Class combinations 

1 M Open 2.8km 45m
2 M40+ W Open 2.4km 40m
3 M Super Vet 55+ W40+ 2.0km 35m
4 M Ultra Vet 65+ W Super Vet 55+

W Ultra Vet 65+

1.7km 35m
5 M Junior 16- W Junior 16- 2.0km 30m
6 M Junior 12- W Junior 12- 1.0km 15m


Map This site was mapped originally in early 2017 to introduce O to this area. This is the first time it has been used. The competition map has been adapted with ISSOM symbols to give it a more ‘Sprint’ appearance. Scale will be 1:4000

Terrain notes This is not Sprint terrain as in the modern urban setting. It provides fast running on both parkland and in an adjacent woodland. Both provide a rich network of paths, tracks and features. Trainers with good grip are adequate footwear.

Junior Fundraiser Refreshment Stall: Not available.

Dogs on leads only.

Toilets in Equestrian centre.


  • Planner Raymond Finlay
  • Controller Conor McKernon
  • Organiser Teresa Finlay


The Sprint will be followed by the NI AGM at 1pm in the Equestrian Centre.

Middle Distance Championships  Seskinore Forest, Co Tyrone

Directions From Ecclesville take the B46 (opposite Ecclesville main gates). After 0.5 miles take a right turn towards Seskinore. Pass through village and take the B83 towards Omagh. Forest entrance is 0.5 miles on the right.

Registration – any Middle only registration 2.00pm

Starts available from 2.30 – 3.30.  Courses close 5.00pm.

Fees as above.

Course/Class combinations 

1 M Open 4.3km
2 M40+ W Open 3.8km
3 M Super Vet 55+ W40+ 3.0km
4 M Ultra Vet 65+ W Super Vet 55+

W Ultra Vet 65+

5 M Junior 16- W Junior 16- 2.0km
6 M Junior 12- W Junior 12- 0.9km


Map Like Ecclesville this forest was mapped early in 2017 to introduce O to this area. It has not yet been used for O. The Scale is 1:5000

Terrain notes This is a very mixed woodland with open meadow areas giving generally fast running through extensive mature areas and on the network of tracks and paths. The longer courses will cross a fairly busy road twice at timed-out crossings.

Junior Fundraiser Refreshment Stall: Not available

Dogs on leads only. 

Toilets: There are no toilets in Seskinore Forest. Please use the toilets in Ecclesville Equestrian centre.


  • Planner – Philip McGoldrick
  • Controllers – Charlie Reid, Raymond Finlay
  • Organiser – Raymond Finlay






Castle Archdale Country Park    Saturday 21st October 

Sunday ‘Come and Try it’ Activities

The next 2 Sunday activities take place as follows:-

August 27th          Lakeland Forum, Enniskillen

September 3rd     Castle Archdale

Both starting at 2.30pm. Cost £3

Northern Ireland Open Event and Senior Home International

Saturday Sept 9th                                                                                                                             SHI Individual Competition and NI Open Event – Florencecourt/Gortalughany

Sunday Sept 10th                                                                                                                              SHI Relays – Castle Saunderson Scout Centre

For full details please see the Northern Ireland Open/SHI Event Page

Sunday ‘Come and try it’ Activities

These are a series of activities to suit beginners and families with young children.

Sunday  2nd April    Lakeland Forum, Enniskillen

Sunday  9th April    Forthill Park, Enniskillen

Sunday  23rd April   Castle Archdale Country Park

All activities start at 2.00pm.  Cost £3


NICS 1 Saturday 25th February 2017  

Venue: Castle Saunderson Demesne, Co Cavan   NIOS Sheet 27 GR H 417200

Castle Saunderson can be approached from Belturbet, Newtownbutler, Clones or Cavan town. It is a national Scout Centre and is signposted from major roads – entrance is off the main Clones to Butlers Bridge Road – N54.

The assembly and car parking will be adjacent to this splendid Scouting Ireland facility. A charge of £1 will be levied on all competitors. This will cover parking and access to toilets and showers and will be collected at registration.


Follow a taped route to the Start 100m from the car park. Finish will be close to Assembly/car parking.

Terrain notes

The map was surveyed by Pat Healy in November 2012 and updated in 2014, 2015 and January 2017. This one-time grand demesne consists of some rough grazing parkland near the old castle and large areas of mainly Sitka Spruce plantation with mixed runnability. Recent forest operations have created many new extraction tracks, only some of which are approximately mapped.  Some areas of older deciduous and coniferous trees are badly invaded by rhododendron. Courses have been planned to make best use of the runnable areas of woodland and route choice options around the plentiful forest roads and tracks.


White                   1.5km                    50m       1:7500

Yellow                  1.7km                    60m       1:7500

Orange                 2.6km                    85m       1:10000

Lg Orange            3.2km                    90m       1:10000

Lt Green               3.1km                    75m       1:10000

Green                   4.3km                    90m       1:10000

Blue                       6.0km                    140m     1:10000

Brown                   7.6km                    150m     1:10000

Entry Fees


Senior £8             Junior £4              Unwaged £6       Family £20


Senior £10           Junior £5              Unwaged £8       Family £25

Please note: £1 access fee for all competitors (showers included).

There will be light refreshments available in aid of the Junior Squad.


Local Series 3 & 4

26th February, Omagh Leisure Centre  2pm
5th March, Gortin Forest  2pm  – Postponed

(More info on these to follow.)

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