NIOC 2021 Final details

Final details/key information

Start times

  • Please remember there is a -10 minute prestart process.
  • Remember to punch Start and Finish, even when using a SIAC.
  • In the event of a Si Station failing, there is a pin punch at each control – punch your map and show at download.
  • We hope live results will be available at though reception is intermittent at the Burren.
  • At the moment the forecast for Saturday is for rain. Please bring your cag and be prepared to carry it if the Organiser makes it compulsory. Whistles are strongly advised in all conditions.
  • There will be no water supplied – please bring your own.
  • Please avoid spooking cattle – give them a wide berth. Report any damage to walls or fences.
  • Ticks are prevalent in the area – please check upon finishing.
  • All maps are 1:10000 scale and A3 in size.
  • There will be a mobile café serving food and drinks.
  • You don’t need to visit enquires unless you have hired a SIAC/SI card.
  • There are limited toilets in the visitor centre.
  • Maps will be collected when you finish and will be available from 13.45 to a nominated club member.
  • There will be no formal prize giving. Please nominate someone to collect prizes for your club (hopefully around 4pm).
  • There is a narrow boardwalk in the final stages of most courses. This can be slippery when wet. Please take care and respect other competitors and members of the public.
  • Dogs must be kept in the carpark.
  • As orienteering is an adventure sport, you are primarily responsible for your own safety when taking part in this event. First Aid assistance will be available at the Enquires/Download area.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available at enquiries/download, toilets, at the start area and at the finish. Participants are also advised to bring their own sanitiser.

NIOC 2021 Updated

Saturday 16th October 2021 – Classic/Long Distance Championship – Cavan Burren

Location and Directions

The NIOC 2021 is at Cavan Burren, venue of IOC 2019.

The event will be signposted from Blacklion.

Grid Reference: H 073 351                    Lat N 54.264919, Long W -7.888118,-7.8925456,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x485e5c00ba2e6e3f:0x77ac967d948fab5d!8m2!3d54.2628173!4d-7.8903569

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