NI Night Champs Results

Ecclesville February 9th 2019



M Open

3.41km 80m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
1st Mark Stephens LVO M21 22:54
2nd Andrew Elwood LVO M18 35:02 +12:08
3rd Peter Reed LVO M18 40:58 +18:04
4th Daniel Vasey LVO M18 44:15 +21:21
5th Matthew Vasey LVO M18 59:37 +36:43

W Open

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
1st Olivia Baxter LVO W21 37:24
2nd Helen Pruzina LVO W21 46:32 +9:08
3rd Stephanie Pruzina LVO W50 55:04 +17:40
4th Moire O’Sullivan LVO W40 56:06 +18:42
Eibhlin Largey FERMO W21 m7-16

M45+, M55+, W45+

3.02km 35m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
1st Richard Vasey LVO M45 24:10
2nd Michael Burton LVO M55 28:23 +4:13
3rd Lyle Fleming LVO M55 34:05 +9:55
4th David Blair NWOC M65 34:51 +10:41
5th Stephen Gilmore LVO M55 37:44 +13:34
6th Des Fletcher NWOC M55 37:46 +13:36
7th Mark Pruzina LVO M55 39:10 +15:00
8th Trevor Wilson LVO M55 39:56 +15:46
9th Philip Baxter LVO M65 42:44 +18:34
10th Anthony McGonigle NWOC M65 46:34 +22:24
11th Gordon Stephens LVO M60 48:47 +24:37
12th Aileen McCarron LVO W50 68:39 +44:29
Harry Bell LVO M70 m7
Robbie Bryson FERMO M55 rtd

W55+, M16-, W16-

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
1st Ruth Blair NWOC W55 32:25
2nd Helen Baxter LVO W60 37:35 +5:10
3rd Daniel Vance ORCHARD M16 63:44 +31:19

NI Score and Night Champs

Fermanagh Orienteers invite you to the NI Score and Night Championships to be held on Saturday 9th February. Seskinore is the venue for the Score, followed by NI prize giving and Night event at Ecclesville Equestrian Centre. Full details will be available soon.

Frostbite 3 Results


Long 3.75km 110m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
1st Robbie Bryson FERMO M55 41:00
2nd Ciara Largey FERMO W21 41:24 +0:24
3rd Philip McGoldrick FERMO M45 45:27 +4:27
4th Gordon Fallis M45 51:07 +10:07
5th Damian Gribbin FERMO M50 58:28 +17:28
6th Eibhlin Largey FERMO W21 64:35 +23:35
7th Joan Flanagan FERMO W55 75:26 +34:26
8th Billy Fyffe FERMO M60 99:30 +58:30
Colin Henderson LVO M70 m6-13

Short 2.62km 90m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
1st Pauric Quinn FERMO M55 43:45
2nd Teresa Finlay FERMO W65 49:52 +6:07
Garbhan McGoldrick FERMO M14 m3-8
Jim Fallis FERMO M70 m8
Carrol O’Dolan M50 m3-6
John Mallon M40 m5-8