NI Open Event/SHI

The SHI Relays take place in Castle Saunderson on Sunday 10th September starting at 09.30 and finishing around 12 noon.

We intend to offer a Score event starting 12.30 – 13.00 with a time limit of 1 hour. It will be a punching start and will use the SHI controls. The cost will be £6 for Seniors and £3 for Juniors.

Anyone wanting to try SIAC dibbers will have to rent them (£2.50).

Please let us know if you plan to run the Score.


Sunday activities

The next 2 Sunday activities take place on the following dates:-

  • August 27th          Lakeland Forum, Enniskillen
  • September 3rd     Castle Archdale

Starts – 2.30pm

Cost – £3

Northern Ireland Open Event/SHI

Fermanagh Orienteers welcome you to Co Fermanagh on September 9th/10th for the NI Open Event and the Senior Home International Competition.

The Open Event/SHI on Saturday will use an updated Florencecourt/Gortalughany map. It will include courses for all age classes competing in the Northern Ireland Championships  and also a limited range of Colour Coded courses suitable for beginners and progressing orienteers.

The Senior Home International Competition is a 2 day event. The Individual event will take place on Saturday morning before the Open Event begins in the early afternoon. The Senior Home International Relays will take place on Sunday morning at Castle Saunderson Scout Centre on the Fermanagh/Cavan border.

It is hoped that an EOD score event will be offered at Castle Saunderson, when the relays are over, to local orienteers and anyone staying over for the weekend.

For full details please visit the Northern Ireland Open/SHI Event Page

Frostbite 2 Results



Green  3.8km 160m
1 Aine McCann W21 LVO 00:39:22
2 Michael Burton M55 LVO 00:39:41
3 Gordon Fallis M40 00:40:44
4 Greg McCann M50 LVO 00:51:03
5 Philip McGoldrick M40 FERMO 00:51:04
6 Raymond Finlay M65 FERMO 00:52:26
7 Joan Flanagan W55 FERMO 01:05:09
8 Billy Fyffe M60 FERMO 01:06:43
9 Alex Boyd M50 FERMO 01:12:52
10 Ailleen McCarron W50 LVO 01:18:01
Lt Green  2.9km 130m
1 Odhran McGoldrick M16 FERMO 00:43:20
2 Teresa Finlay W65 FERMO 00:48:42
3 Paddy Largey M60 FERMO 00:55:57
4 Jim Fallis M65 FERMO 00:57:50
5 Jedrek Iwanicki M50 FERMO 01:12:04
6 Carroll O’Dolan M50 01:14:40
Audrey Eliott W21 SLIGO 01:29:15 m4-6
Deirdre Monaghan W21 SLIGO 01:30:18 m4-6